More students in Northern Germany

BEP/FRANCOIS DESTOC/LE TELEGRAMME ; LORIENT (56) LE 08/10/2002. ILLUSTRATION Rentree universitaire. Etudiants. Cours.

The number of German and foreign students in higher education establishments in Hamburg is growing. 96,286 students are enrolled at Hamburg’s higher education establishments at the start of the fall semester. This is an increase of almost three per cent compared to last year.

As for the number of foreign students, there is a growth of three per cent. 10,706 of the total 96,286 students come from another country. Most of the foreigners come from the EU/Western Europe and 31 per cent come from Asia.

There are also a growing number of students in Schleswig-Holstein. 56,221 students are enrolled in the Land at the start of the semester, which makes two per cent more than the year before. Around ten per cent of these students are from abroad, reports Statistikamt Nord.

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