Hamburg ready with plans for the Olympics


Hamburg’s plans for the 2024 Olympic Games are very specified. This was the lasting impression after Bernhard Schwank’s presentation of the plans as representative of CEO Dr. Nikolas Hill of Hamburg’s newly established Olympic Games organisation. Schwank delivered a twenty-minute introduction of the organisation’s plans at the opening of the construction forum Nordbau in Neumünster south of Kiel.

The title of host city applies for the 16 Olympic days as well as the following 12 days of the Paralympic Games.

Sustainable construction

Bernhard Schwank expressed Hamburg’s intention to avoid building sports facilities that stand empty after the Games. All new constructions must have a purpose after the Games. For example, one of the elements of the planned Olympic stadium at the harbour is a part of a new port for cruise ships.

Only five new constructions

Hamburg expects to only have to establish five new constructions to be able to host the Olympics. There will be nine temporary constructions that can be removed after the Games. In addition, the city plans to involve 23 existing sports facilities in the Games, of which many will receive upgrades.

A key value in the plans is that as many of the sports activities as possible happen in Hamburg, so that the Games are available for the city’s residents. In some cases, such as with sailing and football, the events will happen outside the city. According to Schwank, handball and volleyball are sports that Hamburg’s Olympic Games organisation could place “in the region”.

Three hours from Copenhagen

As a part of Schwank’s presentation there was a map showing how many people in the region around Hamburg can come to the city in 2024 in less than three hours. The map included Copenhagen, indicating that Hamburg’s Olympic Games organisation expects that the Fehmarnbelt link is ready before 2024. As mentioned, handball and volleyball could occur anywhere inside “the region”.

Hamburg’s city council leaves the decision as to whether Hamburg should apply for hosting the 2024 Olympic Games to its residents. The vote takes place 29 November 2015. A survey from Handelskammer Hamburg shows that the city’s business entrepreneurs are in favour of the Games.

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