Prince Joachim: Looking forward to the Fehmarnbelt link


“The ties between Germany and Denmark will be even stronger with the Fehmarnbelt fixed link, and we look forward to it,” said His Royal Highness Prince Joachim as he opened the construction forum Nordbau in Neumünster between Kiel and Hamburg on Wednesday morning 9 September 2015.

“The link will profit not only Germany and Denmark, but also the whole of Europe,” said the prince, who expressed his gratitude to being invited to the opening of Northern Europe’s largest construction forum for professional workers and entrepreneurs. 850 exhibitors in total from 17 different countries were at the forum, with over 30 companies from Denmark. This made Denmark a leading participant at the forum, seconded only by Germany in its number of representatives.

40 years with Danish exhibitors

The Danish prince was present due to the fact that the trade fair celebrates its 40th anniversary with Danish participation this year. In addition, this is the 60th anniversary for the fair. His Royal Highness gave his speech in German and answered intervies with the German media in German. Prince Joachim had also participated at the forum’s opening ten years ago.

Applause for Fehmarnbelt

The continuous Danish participation at the forum is a sign of Denmark and its companies’ involvement in Germany, especially Northern Germany, said Prince Joachim. Schleswig-Holstein’s Minister-President Torsten Albig was also at the opening. Albig emphasized the Danish-German ties and commented that the construction trade is an important part of the solution to the current challenges of providing for the many recent refugees.

The mediator of the opening ceremony was enthusiastic of the prince’s words about the Fehmarnbelt link and the audience gave another round of applause for Prince Joachim.

Photo: Schleswig-Holstein’s Minister-President Torsten Albig speaking to His Royal Highness Prince Joachim. To Albig’s left is the Danish Ambassador in Germany, Friis Arne Mikkelsen. To the Prince’s right is Dirk Iwersen, CEO for the forum centre Holstenhallen Neumünster GmbH

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