Scandlines to be awarded EUR 6.3 million from EU


Scandlines is expected to be awarded EUR 6.3 million from EU for the installation of scrubbers and hybrid system on the two new vessels for the crossing between Rostock-Gedser and for environmentally friendly infrastructure in both port facilities. So reports the company in a press release.

Scandlines has received contributions through the EU previously for the green conversion to hybrid operation for the so-called Beeline between Puttgarden-Rødby. The European Union’s Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) aims to promote more effective cross-border transport corridors. CEO of Scandlines, Søren Poulsgaard Jensen, says: “We are very pleased and proud of this seal of approval from the EU. This is yet a great recognition of the work we are doing to implement green initiatives on our routes and to make our ferry operations even more environmentally friendly in the future.”

In 2013, as the first ferry operator in the world Scandlines introduced a hybrid system on a large scale, which can store excess energy in batteries on board. But Scandlines’ visions of sustainable ferry services go even further. The ambition of the green strategy is ultimately zero emission; that is, a propulsion system for the ferries without any emissions.
Scandlines’ investment in environmentally friendly technology and a greener future will continue with the contribution from EU to the two new, modern passenger ferries M/V Berlin and M/V Copenhagen.

A key goal is to optimize the fuel consumption of the two new ships for RostockGedser
– and to comply with applicable environmental requirements. This is done by installing
Scandlines’ award-winning hybrid propulsion system, which has already been implemented on all four passenger ferries on Puttgarden-Rødby, and by installing exhaust gas cleaning solutions (closed loop scrubbers), which reduce the sulphur emissions by at least 90 percent and thereby comply with the new standards for sulphur limits.

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