Danish ambulances in Germany


In the past years, German ambulances have helped the ill of South Jutland when they have been able to arrive faster than Danish services. Now the co-operation will expand, so Danish doctors and ambulances can also assist patients across the border, writes DR Syd.

The increased co-operation between Denmark and Germany will be set in motion from the beginning of next year. Apart from creating reciprocity in the co-operation, the project will benefit Danish residents, says Martin Grum-Nymann, Head of the Health Section in Region Syddanmark.

”There are many that live in Denmark and work or shop in Germany. There are many transfrontier activities in the border area, and we will build our ambulance system around this,” Grum-Nymann states to DR Syd.

Danish patients are able to receive help from the German doctor-helicopter in Nibøl just south of the border. Perhaps Danish doctor-helicopters should also be able to fly to Germany. ”If the emergency doctor-helicopter in Nibøl is busy, the helicopter in Billund could fly south of the border,” he says.

60 per cent of the expenses will be backed by EU’s Interreg programme. In addition, Region Syddanmark and the associated municipalities and hospitals in Northern Germany and South Jutland will also support the project, writes DR Syd.

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