Our users:

Fehmarnbelt Weekly is an appropriate medium for anyone interested in the activities and potential of the Fehmarn Belt region, stretching from Hamburg to Copenhagen, including of course the construction of the Fehmarn Belt fixed link.

Our goal:

We want to create awareness of values and opportunities in the Fehmarnbelt region and we want to contribute to increasing cooperation, dialogue and understanding between Danes and Germans at both a regional and a national level. Therefore, we are focused on opportunities and solutions rather than barriers and mistakes.

Our history:

Fehmarnbelt Weekly is privately held and independent and has been so since the publication of the first newsletter 10 June 2011. The establishment of the Fehmarnbelt Weekly triggered the second prize at “The Integration Award”, awarded by Fehmarnbelt Business Council (FBBC) at Fehmarnbelt Days 2012 in Lübeck.

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